Why can't cats drink milk?

Young cats have a greater response to lactose than adult cats, and are intolerant to lactose, which can stimulate intestinal diarrhea. The milk fed in is not only not absorbed, but also loses nutrients.



How is a small dog defined?

Adult dogs whose weight is less than 10kg are small dogs.



What foods can't dogs eat?

Grapes, especially raisins (5-10mg/kg body weight=canine poisoning); chocolate (20mg/kg body weight=canine poisoning); onions and garlic (5-10g/kg body weight=canine poisoning); macadamia nuts (2.4g=dog poisoning) Poisoning); Xylitol (0.1g/kg body weight = dog poisoning).



What causes bad breath in dogs?

Oral diseases such as plaque, tartar, and calculus.



How to judge whether a dog is healthy?

Healthy dogs are generally lively, enthusiastic and clever, and follow a precise biological clock to live their lives. All organs of its body have no peculiar smell or abnormal fluid discharge, the rate of drinking and eating is normal, and there is no problem with the frequency, color and quality of its bowel movements.



Why clean dogs' eyes regularly?

Once the eyes are uncomfortable, dogs like to use their paws, especially for dog breeds with protruding eyeballs, which can easily damage the eyeballs and cornea, so they should be cleaned and taken care of regularly.



Why is it recommended that the owner only feed the dog after he has finished eating?

It is very important for the owner to maintain the "dominant position" in the family. Before family members eat or let people watch the dog eat, it will stimulate its "ruler behavior", thereby forming bad habits (such as aggressiveness) of the dog.



What factors can make pets refuse to eat?

If the pet refuses to eat the food it usually eats, this implies that it may be sick. If you refuse new food, it may be related to the pet itself, the pet's eating experience, the food itself, and the eating environment.



How should the owner care for the dog's fur?

The health of the fur is also an important indicator of the health of the dog. Long-haired dogs may need to be groomed daily, and short-haired dogs once a week. The owner should pay special attention to the folds behind the ears, where the hairs tend to stick together. When combing, check the skin for swelling and cuts, fleas, lice or other problems. The owner should choose a suitable dog comb according to the length of the hair.



How to choose a dog house?

(1) The height of the doorway of the dog house must not be lower than 3/4 of the dog's shoulder height. The size of the doorway is best for the dog to lower his head and get into the house;


(2) The length and width of the dog house should not be greater than 25% of the dog’s nose to waist;


(3) The height of the dog house should be greater than 25%~50% of the height of the dog from head to toe;



  This will ensure that the dog does not lose excess heat during the cold years.



What kind of toy should I choose for cats?

Cats like to use their skills in games: climbing, running, jumping, hiding, and flapping. It is best to choose toys that stimulate these behaviors.



Why do cats grind their claws?

Because cats’ claws grow very fast, this is to make their claws sharper without affecting walking and damaging the pads. Cats indoors often use household appliances as targets for claw training, so it’s best for yours. The cat cuts its paws and equips it with a scratcher.



How to clean the eyes of a dog?

When cleaning the eyes, you can wipe it around the eyes with a soft and moist cotton cloth.



What should I pay attention to when cleaning my dog’s ears?

When cleaning the ears, do not go deep into the dog’s inner ears.



What do dogs need to pay attention to during tooth replacement?

Dogs need to grind their teeth frequently during tooth replacement and may gnaw things randomly. In order to reduce losses, the owner can give it some gnawing toys and encourage it to use these things as substitutes. 


What should the owner pay attention to when bathing the dog?

Dogs’ fur naturally secretes oil to prevent water and shine. Taking a bath regularly can help the dog's fur to be healthy and shiny. But too frequent bathing will destroy these oils. Generally, it can be washed once every two weeks in winter and once a week in summer. Be sure to keep warm when bathing, otherwise the dog will catch a cold. Human shampoo is too irritating and can dry out the skin of dogs, so pet shampoo should be used.



How does the owner care for the dog's teeth?

The owner should clean the dog’s teeth regularly. You can use pet toothpaste and toothbrushes, or you can use toothpaste to remove tartar and bad breath.