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1.Contract terms

This general contract terms apply to customers who purchase any product at www.noblezashop.com. In any case, customers who use the Nobleza Store Service must comply with the "General Contract Terms" published by Nobleza when sending a request for order. Therefore, in order to facilitate the customer's better shopping experience, please read “Terms and Conditions” carefully before ordering.


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2.Information Provided on the Website

(1)When preparing this website, Nobleza strived to insure that the information was current and accurate, but we do not guarantee that it is accurate or current, or useful for your purpose. If the price of the item displayed on this website is much higher or lower than the usual price, causing the customer to make a wrong purchase decision, we will notify you of this error and both parties have the right to cancel the order. Also, If the information provided on the website does not match the characteristics of the product, the customer will have the right to cancel the purchase without incurring any fees.



(1)According to current laws and regulations, the published images do not have to correspond exactly to the products sold, but are also binding on the product description.

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